Best Gemstones for Pisces

Primary Characteristics of Pisces


As the twelfth and final glyph in the house of twelve, Pisces is symbolized by the fish and ruled by the mystical Neptune. Individuals born under this sign are often known for their empathy, intuition, and artistic tendencies.

Pisceans typically possess a strong intuition and a unique artistic flair. They are able to express innovatively and possess the uncanny ability to understand things deeply. The influence of Neptune fuels their mystic capabilities and makes them natural healers. People born under this sign are compassionate, adaptable, and dedicated – thriving in service to others.

In essence, Pisces individuals are empathetic and intuitive healers with a deep artistic ability and a profound understanding of emotions. Led by their compassionate nature, they are committed to the service of others.

Challenges that Pisces May Face

  • Absence of Boundaries
Due to their empathetic nature, Pisceans often struggle to establish personal boundaries, causing them to absorb others’ emotions and problems too deeply.

  • Escapism
Drifiting into daydreams or illusions is a common tendency among Pisceans. This escapism can be a hindrance to their progress in the real world.

  • Fickle-Mindedness
Pisceans, although dedicated, can be indecisive and fickle-minded, causing a lack of consistency in their endeavors.

  • Over-Sensitive
Being a water sign, a Piscean’s plethora of emotions can at times result in over-sensitivity, causing emotional turbulence.

Best Gemstones for Pisces


Tourmaline is especially beneficial for Pisceans as it promotes emotional healing. This stone provides a sense of groundedness and helps establish the much-needed personal boundaries for Pisceans.



Resonating with Neptune's energy, the Amethyst aids in enhancing the Piscean’s intuition and spiritual awareness. This stone promotes peace and wards off negative thoughts, making it an excellent gemstone for meditation and calming the mind.



Moonstone’s lunar energy resonates well with the Piscean’s predisposition towards dreaminess. This gemstone fosters intuition, brings in positive energy, and helps ground emotions – facilitating a balanced emotional state.



Agate is a wonderful healing stone that supports the Piscean’s compassionate nature. It fosters stability and composure in difficult situations, helping the Piscean to deal with emotional turmoil more effectively.



Obsidian is renowned for its protective properties. It helps to keep negativity at bay and supports grounding – useful for Pisceans, who often tend to drift into their dream world. This stone also promotes clarity of mind, helping in decision making.
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