Astrology Taurus Weekly Horoscope (July 1 - July 7)

Overall Horoscope

In the new week, the most important theme for you is that this week marks the first week of Saturn's retrograde. Venus gradually gains strength from retrograde Saturn, leading to an upward trend in foreign luck and promotion opportunities.

Previously, some Taurus individuals may have encountered dissatisfaction in cooperation. However, this time, Saturn puts pressure on your work and external expansion, but it also broadens your horizons. After some adjustments, many Taurus will find things going more smoothly and encounter good opportunities.

These opportunities may come in the form of your boss assigning you better tasks or promoting you. It could also be that your goals become clearer, and you gain a more accurate self-perception and a clear mind.

Some Taurus will hear good news from afar, while others may need to make work-related changes, receive rewards, plan travel, get praised by leaders or mentors, or find good opportunities in important exams.

Saturn is now retrograding in your team/company sector. As mentioned earlier, starting this week and for the next four months, you need to reassess and adjust the things you learned or experienced in work and studies from the first half of the year. For instance, if you entered a new work field or made new attempts in studies after this spring, or invested a lot in entrepreneurship or joining community activities, you now need to address the overlooked issues. There is no need to rush, as you will gradually handle and solve many old problems over the coming months.

Additionally, issues related to entrepreneurship, financing, and company teams will also face challenges. Those in high positions or mentors may put pressure on you. Some people may change jobs or venture into new career fields, while students will need to seriously consolidate their weaknesses, with no shortcuts available. However, Saturn is not here to defeat you; it will stimulate your intelligence and ambition, enabling you to take on greater responsibilities. Taurus, give yourself more patience.

Special attention is needed due to Pluto's influence, as some Taurus may become very stubborn and emotionally persistent recently, leading to cognitive errors. Investment matters may also experience significant fluctuations.

Finally, a Cancer New Moon occurs this week, bringing vibrant energy. This New Moon opens a new window for you—if you hope to achieve ideal results in upcoming exams/audits/evaluations, create innovative and executable planning proposals, have your achievements recognized by leaders/colleagues, pass your driving test and get a license, gain proficiency in your current courses/skills through persistent learning, improve your speaking and presentation abilities, or participate successfully in upcoming speeches/hostings/debates/negotiations, the stars will assist you.

Moreover, if you wish to select cost-effective and suitable products like phones/computers/cars, resolve conflicts with relatives harmoniously, make new, excellent friends, expand your network, gain high-quality customer resources and information, restore a stable life, and resolve disputes related to finances, relationships, or real estate, the next three weeks are very suitable for pushing these matters forward. You can do better!

Love Horoscope

You may feel some additional pressure and responsibility, and you'll want to find a better solution.

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