Astrology Gemini Weekly Horoscope (July 1 - July 7)

Overall Horoscope

In the new week, the most important theme for you is a Cancer New Moon happening this week. This annual New Moon in your financial house is very beneficial for your money and status! (On Saturday, don’t miss this wish-making day to organize your goals and make wishes to strengthen your intentions and give yourself a boost.)

If you hope for good investment returns, a salary increase, or the ability to buy things you like as a reward, maximize your existing resources, smoothly advance current projects or entrepreneurial ventures, gain client recognition and establish long-term stable cooperation, strengthen your business capabilities and professional skills, or smoothly launch major projects and receive company or team awards, the stars will support you.

Additionally, if you wish to find a part-time job or side hustle that utilizes your skills and provides a decent income, complete your current tasks well and gain recognition from those around you, fully tap into your potential, successfully achieve your goals, or undergo a significant transformation to become more charming and attractive, the next three weeks will be supported by the New Moon's power. Seize the opportunity!

At the same time, this week marks the first week of Saturn’s retrograde, which will last for four months. Don’t worry, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It helps you reorganize matters related to external expansion, trade, exams, high-tech research, going abroad, career advancement, studies, and reputation, allowing you to better leverage your strengths.

Many Geminis will feel a stronger desire to soar high and learn more, driven by seemingly inexplicable reasons over the next four months. They will face new challenges and developments in marketing, brand promotion, and international fields. Some Geminis planning to study abroad, work in internet/high-tech sectors, engage in trade, take civil service exams or immigrate, or participate in professional exams might encounter some minor setbacks, but the outcomes will be positive.

Furthermore, as Venus gradually gains strength from retrograde Saturn, your investments, projects, and matters related to children or education will see significant progress. Don’t be afraid of previous mental constraints; face these issues with broader thinking, and you’ll easily find solutions.

However, due to Saturn's influence on Venus, investments may face pressure. Those in finance, entertainment, women and children’s industries might encounter unfavorable conditions or uncooperative partners. Children's fortunes may also be weak, with kids more prone to illness, or conflicts arising with elders or spouses over children’s matters. Spend more time with your family, enhance your home environment, and declutter where necessary.

Lastly, Pluto’s influence suggests Geminis should pay special attention to their health and avoid being overly assertive. When going out, avoid excessive heat and sun exposure.

Love Horoscope

You may have some all-or-nothing thoughts. It’s advisable to remain calm and not get too excited about things, taking a more measured approach to situations.

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