Astrology Cancer Weekly Horoscope (July 1 - July 7)

Overall Horoscope

This week, the most important theme for you is a Cancer New Moon, happening in your sign. This annual New Moon brings powerful new beginnings! (It’s highly recommended that on Saturday, you take advantage of this wish-making day to organize your goals and make wishes to enhance their effects.)

The New Moon's momentum will bring changes in the coming weeks. If you want to address financial, family, or marital issues, and make significant changes, seek guidance from experienced mentors, understand your true desires, and face work and life with a positive attitude, the New Moon will help you gradually improve.

Additionally, if you wish for smooth progress in matters related to promotion, immigration, or job offers, aim to transform your self-image and establish a personal brand, gain more attention and love from others, maintain good health and a better physique, and break current thinking patterns to find new breakthroughs, the next three weeks are the right time to pursue these goals efficiently.

However, this New Moon also carries complex energy. Cancer should pay attention to health, including the health of elders. Significant changes may occur in personal development matters. Many Cancers may face choices related to buying or selling a house, moving, or making important decisions in their relationships.

Some Cancers might revisit issues from November last year or March/April this year. Personal development, health, family, and collaboration matters might expand further or provide new answers.

Meanwhile, Saturn has begun its retrograde in Pisces, prompting you to re-evaluate matters of cooperation, relationships, and finances. In the past six months, you may have engaged in trade, internet-related activities, overseas matters, visa applications, civil service exams, or shipping, but certain issues still need attention. In the next four months, you will reassess and refine what you started after last winter. If you're seeking financing, resolving insurance issues, or hoping for bonuses, opportunities still exist, so keep striving.

During Saturn’s retrograde, family or personal health issues might arise, requiring changes in your lifestyle and routines. Complex emotional relationships involving property division or spouse finances may surface. Saturn's influence on Cancer’s eighth house emphasizes the challenges with money and fate, reminding those in high positions to stay upright. You will also face tests in financing, loans, insurance, and interpersonal conflicts.

Additionally, Venus gains strength from retrograde Saturn, bringing new energy to family, teamwork, and collaboration. Some Cancers might deal with family decisions about buying or renovating a house, which could affect relationships and cooperation. Others might follow family advice on matchmaking or decide on relationships and property matters.

Some Cancers who had planned collaborations will see improvement in their cooperation luck, bringing good ideas or projects and increasing recognition of their value. This can also lead to profitable opportunities, so keep pushing forward.

Finally, due to Pluto's influence, you might experience discomfort in teeth and mouth, digestive issues, skin irritations, or fatigue. Ensure good sleep and be cautious of people speaking negatively about you behind your back.

Love Horoscope

You want a fresh start but find it difficult to let go of certain past ideas.

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