Aries Weekly Horoscope (July 1 - July 7)

Overall Horoscope

In the new week, the most important theme for you is the Cancer New Moon happening this week. This New Moon occurs at the lowest point of your chart, significantly enhancing your family luck, studio luck, and personal sense of security! (On Saturday, don't miss this wish-making day to organize your goals, make your wishes, and add some practical ideas and thoughts to your opportunities.)

This New Moon will touch your family luck and studio luck. Soon, you will focus more on family, family members, and your studio. If you hope to find a house you like quickly, meet reliable agents/landlords, buy high-quality and cost-effective household items, avoid major renovation issues, complete real estate transactions smoothly, or gain family support to do what you want, making life more meaningful and valuable, having the courage to face life/work pressures and challenges, or having more time with your family to enjoy warmth and family joy, the stars will assist you in the next three weeks.

Moreover, if you want to showcase your talents and abilities in the catering/jewelry/precious metals/medical/real estate industry, quickly adapt to and excel in a new industry/field/team, build good relationships, hope that your sincere efforts, self-adjustment of emotions, and active integration can add points for yourself, or hope that the company/studio can develop stably in the long term with colleagues united, making good efforts in this direction will yield positive results in the near future.

It is important to note that this New Moon in the family sector carries complex energy. Some Aries may revisit matters from last October/November or around April this year, such as house sales/rentals, family investments, family formation, family health, or studio development, which will further expand or provide new answers.

At the same time, Venus gradually gains strength from retrograde Saturn, and matters related to money and cooperation will further develop...

Recently, many Aries are under pressure regarding money and cooperation (some feel the impact of the social environment, experiencing pressure in cooperation; some may face salary cuts or work-related issues; others might feel anxious after hearing or seeing some news). These issues will gradually become clear, with opportunities to finalize certain matters.

Some may be affected by the external environment, with matters such as salary increases or decreases, finalized cooperation, and splits likely to be resolved in the near future, providing a definite answer.

Additionally, this week marks the first week of Saturn's retrograde. During this retrograde period, especially in the next two to three weeks, some Aries may wish to escape from current issues, such as certain emotional problems or difficult-to-resolve emotional issues, feeling a strong desire to avoid. It is recommended not to imagine things but to face them, as it will simplify and make things more manageable.

Finally, due to Mercury opposing Pluto, some Aries may become very stubborn recently, with stronger emotional persistence, leading to some cognitive errors. Investment matters may also experience significant fluctuations.

Love Horoscope

You will feel an energy prompting you to settle down and decide on certain matters.

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