The citrine crystal meaning is associated with wealth and abundance. This yellow crystal is known as the success stone because it is believed to promote good fortune, luck, and prosperity. Citrine is also said to bring clarity of thought and boost motivation, making it an excellent tool for manifesting your goals and dreams. In addition to its wealth-attracting properties, citrine is also known for its ability to soothe stressed emotions and ease anxiety and worry. This cheerful crystal is thought to radiate happiness and positivity, lighting up your life with its sunny vibes. Whether you’re looking to attract more abundance or simply want to enjoy some stress relief, citrine is a powerful ally to have by your side.

Citrine Meaning 

When searching for a definitive source to learn about citrine stone, one might find themselves shocked to learn that this isn’t a better-known crystal. Perhaps it does not have the romantic energy of a rose quartz bracelets, but it is still a member of the quartz family. Also known as ‘burnt amethyst,’ the citrine stone has been associated with several deities over time; perhaps the most significant deity being Demeter, or the goddess of the harvest. This history contributes to citrine properties being influenced by the energy of the autumn. This also makes citrine an excellent stone for Samhain. Citrine stone has also, evidently, been identified with Sekhmet, the goddess of healing. Sekhmet is also famous for being a warrior and sometimes appearing as a lioness. This stone is also known for being affiliated with Persephone, known for being a goddess of forestation, vegetation, grain, and the queen of the underworld along her husband, Hades. Citrine has powerful friends; it has crossed the sands of time bearing strong energy. 
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